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digital marketing trend
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trend: Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing is a one on one strategy that determines to better connect and understand clients.  This strategy uses real-time data and insights to deliver

Digital Marketing

Common Brand Research Mistakes

Brand research has to be made in order to get to an effective business strategy and so far this has been very popular with marketers. 

social blogging
Digital Marketing

What is Social Blogging?

Early days of the internet showed that the best way to get your brand or name on the space is to create and maintain a

mobile website design
Digital Marketing

What Mobile Users Want to See On Their Phones

There are more mobile users because devices are more powerful now. Some can even encompass the power of desktop computers. People are now more accustomed

creating user personas
Digital Marketing

Why User Personas Matter

User personas are now used by digital marketers as means to target specific users of a website. Personas are not real people but the profile

customer service provider
Digital Marketing

Good Customer Service Principles

A vital key to good customer service is to build positive relationships with the customers.  Showing gratitude and promoting helpful and friendly environment will surely

customer communication
Digital Marketing

Why Customer Communication Should Be Two Way

Businesses should realize that customer communication should be a two way street. Companies should always go out of there way to please the customers for

how to do an seo audit
Digital Marketing

How to do an SEO Audit

It is important tp know how the website is performing. An SEO audit should be made on a regular basis to know exactly if performance

e=commerce seo
Digital Marketing

Improving SEO for E-Commerce

Completing SEO for an e-commerce website does not stop with initial optimization. There are tactics and practices that can improve SEO for the e-commerce site.