September 14, 2022

Businesses should realize that customer communication should be a two way street. Companies should always go out of there way to please the customers for retention purposes. Happy customers are loyal ones.

Retaining customers greatly depend on the trust and continuing confidence of customers on the product or service. An internationally known management consultant, Tom Peters, says that the secret of business success is to make customers “delighted” with the service or product.  He said customers want product or service reliability in the supply that meets what they need delivered at a satisfactory price.

Business success depend on mutual trust between supplier and customers.  Customers must have confidence on their supplier regarding product quality, delivery, credit and service. On the other hand, suppliers must trust their customers on payments and credit worthiness.

If a business fails to deliver, a customer may lose faith and take the business to rival companies. Suppliers must see to it that customers develop their confidence in them. A business must ensure that inquiries receive full attention and response. Terms and conditions must be clear as well. All promises of delivery should be met and errors corrected as soon as possible.

The purpose of a business is to generate profit and this is done through satisfying customers. Effective service and communication are vitally important especially with service-based businesses.

Good relationships are developed when supplier delivers goods on time as well as the quality of communication is clear. Most of the time communication is from supplier to customer but it is equally important for the customer to give feedback about the product or service from time to time.  Businesses must encourage feedback whenever possible.

Many companies give the impression that communication from customers other than placement of orders or payment is the only concern. Some avoid giving contact numbers to avoid complaints.  They put up FAQs on their websites hoping that these can solve whatever questions clients may have. But some others prefer direct communication and these are the successful ones.  Others resort to social media to engage with the clients. While there are pros and cons of what these companies are doing, it is good to balance personal communication with clients and indirect means.

Data coming from customers are vital for a business and they are not always complaints. Many loyal clients want to help a trusted company and they offer insights, testimonials, reviews and suggestions for product or service improvement. Customer communication must be open and free flowing.

Implementation of Customer service

The customer service of a business must include telephone numbers that clients can easily access.These should be manned by agents who have been trained to value the customers and have considerable knowledge of the brand or service to answer any inquiry or issues.

A live answering service can be an advantage also. This provides good customer service and concerns are addressed real time.  Clients value personal touch and this can resuts in customer retention.  If a company takes care of their clients, clients in turn remain loyal to the business.

Automated or recorded systems may appear efficient but they may not be appreciated. Many clients feel the menu options and other instructions are cumbersome and they are annoyed with this system. Thus, in some businesses this method may be effective and should be given thought before implementation.

Businesses exist to make money and clients should not be taken for granted. 

Clients who show reviews, recommendations and interests are important and valued and they are encouraged..


“He who provides the money makes the rules.”, as a saying goes. It is the client who has the money which a business wants. Clients are in partnership with the business but if the client is unhappy and feels unappreciated, they can take their business somewhere else. Make your clients feel that you value them and that customer communication is vital to you.