September 2, 2022

It is important tp know how the website is performing. An SEO audit should be made on a regular basis to know exactly if performance is doing well.

Definition of SEO Audit

A search engine optimization (SEO) audit is the process of looking at the health of a website and to find out what needs to be optimized.  The SEO audit is important because Google algorithms change every now and then and whatever is affected should be fixed.

DIgital marketers use an SEO audit to analyze a website. They use SEO audit tools lke Ubersuggest, SEMRUSH or Ahrefs. Whether the audit is done in-house or outsourced, a website owner should know what the essential points to look at.

The SEO audit cost depends on the tools used and the size of the organization. Prices may vary depending on the digital marketing agency. 

Areas Covered by a search engine optimization audit

Below are some important areas that an SEO audit covers:

  • Keywords use – The audit will help determine if the website is using the right keywords. A keyword research tpol can also be referenced for this.
  • LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing – Refers to the intent and content behind each search.  This can be helpful in determining the long tail keywords and secondary ones that should be embedded on content.
  • Organic Search Rankings – This is vital for those who are paying for ads. The rankings would show which search terms are relevant and adjustments can be made on keywords for bidding purposes. 
  • Competitor’s Data – It is important to keep up with the competition. A check on what keywords are working for them should be made.\
  • Industry Trends – Businesses should look at what is happening in the industry and keep up with this.  A business must stay on top of the developments of the sector.
  • Fixing Problematic Code – An audit helps in the review of site bugs and issues that may be affecting rankings.  An understanding of these issues and fixing them is important.

Step by Step SEO Audit

Crawling the site

Every audit starts with a comprehensive website crawl. This allows assessment of the current site situation and provides the issues that it encounters.

It is a good practice to have a website crawl every month. This can monitor conversions and usage. SEO issues are captured for fixing.

Consider the following when doing an audit:

  • URL structure – make sure all URLS are unique and relevant to the page
  • Content – should be clear, informative and unique to each page
  • Meta descriptions – be sure they are complete and relevant to the page and follows the length required
  • Links – must be relevant to each hyperlink made
  • Images – must be clear and have ALT-ATTRIBUTES per image
  • Website structure – the website should be easy to navigate
  • Page speed – pages should not be slow in loading

Use SEO to get engagements, leads and revenue

With so much content online it is not easy to connect with the audience. With good SEO practices, a business can provide the opportunity needed to be exposed to targetted audience. 

Tustin Marketing can do the SEO audit and submit all reports needed to dertermine the issues of your website. They can also fix the site for you. Contact them now for any need!