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Marketing Trends

Branding Strategy for Small Businesses

Many small businesses disregard implementing a brand strategy. They believe that a great product is enough for their brand and there is no need push

social blogging
Digital Marketing

What is Social Blogging?

Early days of the internet showed that the best way to get your brand or name on the space is to create and maintain a

creating user personas
Digital Marketing

Why User Personas Matter

User personas are now used by digital marketers as means to target specific users of a website. Personas are not real people but the profile

customer communication
Digital Marketing

Why Customer Communication Should Be Two Way

Businesses should realize that customer communication should be a two way street. Companies should always go out of there way to please the customers for

e=comerce business
Digital Marketing

How to Setup an Ecommerce Business

Some people believe that to set up an e-commerce business is confusing especially when the venture do not hav-e the necessary groundwork.  There were many

graphic designs
Graphic Design

Graphic Design Trends for Your Website

Each year graphic design trends change and websites have to redesign in order to keep the site fresh and exciting for users.   Website administrators

social media strategy
Digital Marketing

Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is needed to successfully make use of the various platforms available today. Social media goes beyond postings and upload of  images.

social commerce
Digital Marketing

Social Commerce for a Small Business

Social commerce is trade that is conducted through social recommendations, interactions and influences. Social media is the backbone of social commerce and this platform is

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The Future of E-Commerce Websites

The future of e-commerce websites is bright due to the fact that it is an industry that is fitted and essential to these times. The