July 8, 2022

Each year graphic design trends change and websites have to redesign in order to keep the site fresh and exciting for users.   Website administrators and designers need to be mindful of such trans and apply what would be best, The redesign can be a major one or even just a modification but this can greatly enhance user experience.

Trending graphic designs are influenced by several factors. The changing tastes and fashions and technological changes contribute to these trends. In this article, we tackle some of the graphic design trends for this year in the hope that it will provide inspiration to develop more novel-looking graphics.

Simple graphics

Marketers and brand-makers have stipped down and flatten logos. This allows for simpler graphics and more conducive for digital media.  Simple lines and flaw is the trend these days. Many organizations have changed their logo and collateral over the past year in tune with the trend. Notice the brand logo of Google, Yahoo and Spotify. Cadillac, Volvo and ABC have flatten their logos though and have had positive response to the change.

For the rest of the year, expect logo designs and other symbols to be more simple. Erik Park, a popular motion designer says “A good, simple wordmark itself can have strong power, but I believe more symbol-based systems will become much stronger and more popular in the coming year”.

While minimalism is still a trend, the strong use of color allows such designs to be more appealing and striking. Colors are so important for brand recognition that many designers give much thought to this factor.

Nostalgia designs

Some graphics are taking on the 90’s nostalgia design. Many movie titles have this kind of graphics emerging strongly. This may be because the decision makers now come from the 90s era. There is something comforting in looking at the past and the good times they brought.

Come to think of it, the 90s bought about the use of Memphis design pattern, the simple emojis, bright colors and the primitive internet black color. Pixelated and grainy art elements were seen during that era. The 90s were associated with interior decor that contributed its way to graphic designs – elegant fonts, muted colors and careful placement of  text, We are seeing a comeback of these designs but in a more elegant manner.

Flat designs inspired by Ukiyo Japanese-Scandi hyugge 

One other trend that has developed from interior design to the graphic design arena is a combination of Scandi hygge and Japanese format. It can be thought of as an evolution of current minimalism but an added warmth through nature-inspired elements. This design provides a soothing sense of calm that is suited for branding, packaging and website design.

Designers are making a push on vector artwork in digital form with a touch of Ukiyo artistry during the Edo Period of Japanese history. Noted forms are the woodblocks, bold outlines, flat colors and limited perspective. The form is of contemporary flat design.


In the last couple of years, the business world have seeb a number of unlikely collaborations that have been trustworthy. In 2021, Gucci and XBox, LEGO and IKEA, Diplo and Croc’s, to name a few. These unusual mergers have seeped its way to the product designs of the companies.  Thus, designers need to be more creative and consider the old designs for brand recognition and a new one to highlight the collaboration.

One Universe or Metaverse

The concept of oneness has found its way to graphics design trends for this year. Companies like Adobe and Depositphotos have started the trend and would be worth watching. The metaverse is a world of avatars and virtual environments with everything in synchronization. Although this type of graphics is still not clear, it could be a design thant is very real – from t-shrts to golf balls. Adidas announced that they are moving into virtual space with an NFT collection in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club with Prada following the trend.

This one universe is going to be an ongoing trend in the coming years. People will be more connected through technology than ever. New ways of design will evolved to accommodate the metaverse. Graphics will move into the digital metaverse to work both in 2D and 3D formats. Illustrators and animators will have to adjust to this new trend.

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