August 5, 2022

It is a fact known to many small businesses that social media presence has an impact on marketing. One has only to check social media demographics across platforms and realize that time and effort must be made in order to have a presence in this space.

Even if a business has not optimized the social media accounts made there is still time and the benefits would be worth it. There are many positive results from cultivating a brand using social media. Special media can improve the customer service efforts, allow communication with customers and prospects, assist in engagement and reach new audiences.

When a small business leverages on a social media strategy, this can ensure a brand’s presence and create a relationship with the customers. However, the social media presence must be made with quality and consistency as well as results should be kept track.

There are numerous ways to do improve social media presence::Choose the appropriate social media platform

1.Social media gained so much popularity since Facebook went public in 2012. Many other platforms followed thereby making a social media revolution. With so many options, what does a small business choose? The advice of marketing experts is the choose the most popular. The small business owner must discern what is popular with this target audience.

Facebook is the largest platform and has 2.59 billion users.  The platform is good for businesses who want to get leads and build relationships.

LinkedIn platform is for business networking for both B2B and B2C engagements and building trust. 

Twitter is good for businesses whose audience is under the age of 50. This age group goes for breaking news and stays updated to the latest business and technological news.

Pinterest is great for image sharing. This platform is good for businesses that have virtual appeal like fashion, art, restaurants, travel companies and wedding planners. This is more for driving traffic and sales to the websites.

Snapchat can be leveraged by offering promotions through personalized content for exclusive access.  This builds relationships with influencers to drive loyalty and brand recognition.

Instagram’s strength lies in allowing users to upload photos and videos directly from a mobile device. With Instagram, a business can feature content and images to drive traffic to the website.

Tiktok is a phenomenon in the social media sphere. This platform became so popular and experienced a rapid growth in the COVID 19 period. This reached 1 billion installs due to popularity with influences and celebrities. The usability of the platform, unique filters and a huge music directory made this attractive to the younger audience.Determine the goal

2. Set goals for social media activities

Being aggressive in social media has its benefits since so many things can be accomplished. Customer service will be greatly improved, engaging with customers will be made, lead generation is also made..

But before anything the business owner must set a goal as a measure of success. He should create a social media strategy and establish techniques

3. Make a strategy

Now that has been set, the next step is to create a strategy. Start with assigning a person to be responsible for establishing the social media accounts. Be specific on the role and responsibilities.

Make a social media plan. A social media provider can help you with this. Decide on what to post as well as the frequency. The scheduling of posts is very crucial if you want to capture people’s attention.  Use the guide below to establish a strategy:

  • Who your audience
  • What topics and subjects your audience is interested in
  • The usable content you already have
  • What kind of content you still need to create or curate
  • When and on what platforms content will be publish

4. Get tools to automate posts and scheduling

The key to social media is in being active. This means that the business owner must see to it that content and images are fresh and follow a schedule..

There are many automation tools and schedulers that can be subscribed to be able to keep track of posts Always see to it that posts are on track and engagements with contacts are being attended to.  

5. Always actively engage your audience in relevant ways

Content is really important but it does not end after posting. The social media posts must be exciting and interesting. They must be able to engage the reader

These are the following ways to engage the reader:

  • Start a conversation
  • Reply on post comments
  • Provide relevant information
  • Make polls
  • Address complaints 
  • Show appreciation to customer

6. See to it that the brand voice is constant

Social media is not a stand alone deal. It takes effort and time to make the brand known and when this happens, it should be maintained so that customers will not forget.

A social media post must always contain the brand abd the image that is attributed to it. Consistency can be difficult if their are multiple people doing the task,  The best approach is to make a media kit that can be followed in terms of colors and format.

7. Have appropriate metrics to measure the progress

The growth of social media can be measured by metrics that may be provided by the platform itself.  Familiarize on the different metrics. The social media activities can be improved and adjusted when such metrics are resorted and checked at least every month.

If a DIY approach cannot be made due to staffing and other factors, the business can resort to a provider to improve social media presence. The experts can do winders to your business brand and promotions.