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social media outage
Digital Marketing

What to do When Social Media Fails

Whenever a social media platform suffers from an outage just like Facebook on March 13, 2019, users lose access to the platform and affect other

social media
Digital Marketing

How to Choose a Social Media Channel

If a business does not use a social media channel then it is missing out o a very essential element for online marketing. In today’s

how to optimize youtube videos
Digital Marketing

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

When you optimize YouTube videos, you are leveraging on the world’s most powerful social media channel and reaching out to millions of viewers. YouTube videos

social media strategy
Digital Marketing

Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

A social media strategy is needed to successfully make use of the various platforms available today. Social media goes beyond postings and upload of  images.

social commerce
Digital Marketing

Social Commerce for a Small Business

Social commerce is trade that is conducted through social recommendations, interactions and influences. Social media is the backbone of social commerce and this platform is

social media icons
Digital Marketing

Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is becoming a new challenge to those heavily invested on using social media as a marketing strategy.  Engagement is top of the