June 19, 2022

Social media engagement is becoming a new challenge to those heavily invested on using social media as a marketing strategy.  Engagement is top of the list for many marketers and influencers since social media increases brand awareness and targets potential customers.  As more and more people interact and follow a social media account, engagement is achieved reaping benefits for the business. When people know about the brand, they are more like to convert by making a purchase or getting the service.

What is it all about

Social media engagement is the measurement of interaction from people like comments, shares and likes for content (post, page image or video) on a social media platform. This does not mean the number of people following the social media account but how these individuals are reacting to the content.

Some examples of engagement:

  • Re-tweets on Twitter,com
  • Shares on Facebook Posts
  • Love on Instagram images
  • Comments on YouRube videos

There are a myriad of ways that people can react on social media but the main goal as a brand is to maximize online engagement and to make this consistent.

How to improve social media engagement

Create social media accounts on as many platforms and analyze the engagements.

Before improving social media engagement, it is important to know what works for the brand. Not all forms of engagement may be the same for all sorts of social media types. An analysis needs to be made. The result of the analysis will show how many people are engaging, how much time they engage and the type of content. 

Create a new strategy for engagement

Even if the current strategy is working, the business must have fresh and new strategies that would be attractive to the audience. The marketer should start establishing a specific goal like increasing the number of page likes by 50% or getting more comments for a video. The goal must be measurable to monitor success.

Respond to customer interactions

The business must be active on the social media platform.  Posting or uploading content on a regular basis is only half of what is important, The marketer must be able to respond to whatever reaction made

Engaging people on social media provides opportunities for them to be promoters of the product.  Some even become influencers and will be an advantage to the business

Practice cross-platform content sharing

There is no need to make unique content for every social media platform. 

Promoting the contant allows as much engagement as possible. Many social media users can see and react to the content.

One effective way to share content is to include inkis to other social media platform. For example, a link to a video on YouTUbe or a LinkedIn article on a Facebook post.  This practice has proven to be very effective for engagement.

Improving engagement can add to the success of marketing efforts. The platforms are free and may take less effort that a full-blown marketing campaign.  The marketer must bear in mind that content is the main factor that people look for in social media. Relevant and quality posts, images and videos can make people show reaction and make comments thereby boosting social media engagement.