October 5, 2022

Early days of the internet showed that the best way to get your brand or name on the space is to create and maintain a blog. Even until now such a strategy still works to get traffic or introduce a product. But gaining followers and growing the audience is still a challenge.  Social blogging includes the advantage of a blog plus a pre-curated audience to get followers for the topics covered.

Social blogging is also called microblogging is a part of blogging but that uses posts with shorter sentences and more media.  Microblogging can includes:

  • Short sentences
  • Links
  • Single images
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Audio clips

Social blogging targets peoples’ attention space which would shift from one type to the other.  People do not usually read but skim through an article but with social blogging the message is received due to visual or audio representation.

A study showed that viewer attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in the current year. This indicates that people enjoy shorter reads and images than any other content.

Many digital marketers now use social blogging in their campaigns. They are used just like any other social media platform and is shared real-time.

Different from Legacy Blogging

These are the apparent differences between social blogging and legacy blogging:

  1. Direct Communication

Legacy blogs have a target audience to address. The audience also have an opportunity to engage with the author through the comments section. Microblogging interaction is real-time and is a more direct way of communication.

    2. Number of channels

WIth legacy blogging, you can can have one channel and link that to other platforms. With social blogging there are several content  across many platforms.  Each channel has diffferent content.

    3,   Ownership of content

WIth legacy blogging, content is owned by the author – be it a blog or website. Social blogging is subjected to the site owner’s rules and regulations since the one who posted such content is just sharing this. However, poster must be considstent on the nandle used to claim credibility.

   4. Viewing habits

Legacy blogs allow you to read one content at a time. Social blogging, on the other hand, presents content with different formats in one spread. The reader can go through the topic in one rapid succession. The syndicated feeds today make this all possible in real time.

SImilarities and Differences Between Social Blogging and Social Media

Types of Content

Similar content can be found on both types that may include links, text post, images and video. Both types are ideal for trending topics and announcements that provide value to the audiences.

Platforms Used

Both platforms have many similarities. Many social media sites are also prime for social blogging like Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.  But not all can be specific for one because a continuous stream of posts might not be possible.  Like Medium for example cannot be used for social blogging because it is for long content.


Some social media platforms cater to specific people like LinkedIn.  The platform may also be good for an age group and gender. It is important to identify the demographics of each platform to get to target audiences.

Why Social Blogging is Beneficial

Most businesses already have blogs and are doing social media marketing.  There are some reasons why social blogging can benefit them as well:

  • Less formal format

Blog articles can be formal especially when it comes to instructional or informational material. With social blogging, a more relaxed tone can be made making audience more receptive to the message. You can reinforced the tone with GIFs and video.

  • Mobile friendly

Due to shorter content, social blogging can easily be accommodate with mobile phone applications. Social blogging may have been created with mobile devices in mind.

  • Trending capability

With both, you can have hashtags and categorizations to add to the campaign collectives especially when there is a trend.  Many viewers resort to clicking hashtags to gain insights to trending topics.

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