October 21, 2022

Brand research has to be made in order to get to an effective business strategy and so far this has been very popular with marketers.  Though widely accepted it does not mean that it is not prone to mistakes.  This article discusses some common mistakes when conducting brand research.

  • Inadequate research provider or partner

A poorly conducted research survey will result in data that is harmful to the business.  It is imperative to partner with a trusted provider who understands the process and is capable of assisting in developing the brand.

The best way to go about this is through recommendations from colleagues and associates on which agency is an effective one. Some types of research can be done in-house but when the study is more sophisticated and requires analysis then  research agency can be hired

  • .Ineffective research study

Determining what to use whether quantitative or qualitative analysis is vital. Both methods are not interchangeable and have specific purpose. If the purpose of the study is to understand the majority of the target clients then a quantitative study is needed. To understand a problem on a much deeper way, a qualitative method should be made. If the incorrect method is used then an erroneous data will result.of.

Other mistakes related to research include wrong sample, surveys that take so much time.  The research designer must be aware of such pitfalls and know that they have an effect on interpretation and results.

Marketing and brand research can prove to be effective when   done correctly.  However, the researcher must be careful not to get his personal opinion and thoughts into the study.

An example is when survey questions are phrased to be leading to an answer that the researched wants.  Another example is when the wrong scale is used.when asking about a price.

  • Forgetting about creativity and testing

It is up to the business management to determine whether a creative idea is okay or not. Brand research does not provide creativity because it can only measure effectivement. The study can only assist to deicide whether the idea contributes to the product image.

One example is when an old logo is compared to a new version. IN most cases 90% of clients will chose the old one because they are used  to seeing it. Letting a focus group choose can help identify weak points and a quantitative method is best used for this.

  • Making the right decision or not making them at all

Those companies that do not have funds for brand research resort to using other studies as a base to make decisions.  They do this without checking the research method and whether the study was made just to create a buzz or trend.  An example if on the buying trends of millennials. It is stated that millennials buy ethical and purpose-driven brands.  A business looking at this may conclude that having such products can be revenue generating. However,  it is important to check on the sales numbers of other companies or better yet check on the brands and the sales that fall under that category.While using someone else’s research is often a mistake made by small businesses, big corporations often do entirely the opposite. They do a lot of research, often out of habit, and then ignore it. People are so preoccupied with their jobs that they don’t have time to attend presentations of research results or read the research reports. Don’t be that marketer.

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