September 30, 2022

Every business has a marketing budget and it is crucial for them to spend it in the right direction and maximize this as well.  But with the advent of online selling, businesses should decide if they would go for digital marketing or traditional marketing?

For many this decision may be difficult to make. By gaining clarity on both strategies, a business can get a better understanding of what marketing method would be appropriate. A business can decide on social media to build their brand, promote the product and increase customer traffic. This can be done in-house or by hiring a reliable digital marketing firm.

A successful business is not about having a good product. It is equally important to choose the right marketing techniques to be able to get to the potential clients and eventually concert them to buying customers.

Many business owners are confused on what road to take when it comes to marketing. Whether they will go for traditional marketing or digital marketing.


Traditional marketing is any campaign that does not deal with digital or online methods. This includes magazine and newspaper ads, TV commercials, posters, direct mail and phone campaigns. It also includes flyers, billboards and brochures. Traditional marketing is the conventional way that has been used by businesses for many years. This method is still being utilized by businesses to get to potential customers  There are some situations where traditional marketing methods still prove to be effective.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is anything done online. This includes promotions in various online channels including search engines, social media, emails and websites.  Online content is also used by brands all over the world. Content includes social media posts, emails, videos, PPC ads, blog articles and other online formats.

Downside of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is still effective in getting to target audiences. It is best to consider the drawback of using this strategy.

  • Minimal customer engagement
  • No control over the time of the campaign
  • High costs of creation and distribution
  • Less customization 
  • Cannot be easily updated
  • Cannot easily disclose pricing details
  • Cannot easily be measured

More on Digital Marketing

The reason why digital marketing is important to businesses nowadays is because the internet is becoming a very important tool. More and more people are logging into the internet for day to day activities and this includes purchasing products or getting services through online channels. Looking at the two types of marketing, it is definitely shown that digital marketing has the edge.

60% of businesses have shifted to online marketing, Here are some stats to reinforce this fact:

  • Almost 60% of adults use Facebook on a regular basis
  • 80% of buyers do research online before purchasing online
  • 70% of users will be using mobile phones
  • 92% of B2B businesses report that social media is the most effective content marketing method

Supported by research facts, digital marketing is going to be the most important tool for businesses in the coming years.

Why Choose DIgital Marketing?

Some businesses, especially those established ones with a huge offline audience, investi in traditional marketing.  However, small businesses struggle with the expensive cost of printing and billboard advertising. Thus many are going for digital marketing methods because of its cost effectiveness.

Working with Both Marketing Types

Digital marketing is the way to go for mall businesses who have tight budgets. Growth results on traditional marketing are difficult to measure and obtain.  However, a business should decide on a case to case basis. There are instances when a TV commercial will prove to be effective for a product. Social media as a way to promote a brand can be effective for younger audiences.

Tustin Marketing can assist all types of businesses. We can do traditional marketing and materialsl for the brand campaigns. We can also assist in digital marketing efforts. So call us for marketing implementation needs.