June 2, 2022

Marketing trends in 2022 may have been adapted from the need of the times in this pandemic. The strategies have changed and hybrid business landscapes have developed during these times. Then as countries began to ease up restrictions and people are starting to tune in to the “new” normal, online businesses have slumped and online traffic is a bit less than what it was during lock downs. Marketing experts need to adapt to these scenarios fast and adjust campaigns and maintain a sense of relevance to still have engagement and impact on the online audience.

Below are some marketing trends in 2022 that may influence the strategies:

  • Influencers are social media promoters with thousands and thousands of followers and who influence or convince these followers on an issue or on a product. They are successful in engaging their followers in conversations and discussions. It is expected that these influences will have a big role to play in lead generation, connecting with target audience and promoting brand awareness. Since these people are considered “ordinary ones”, the audience will trust and be confident in what they have to say. Their recommendations and suggestions will be taken seriously by their followers.

  • Short content for video marketing. 31% of global marketers currently invest in short-form videos or video marketing. Many of them consider the strategy as effective in terms of engagement and performance. It is expected that in 2022, more global marketers will resort to this kind of strategy and increase investments in video content.

  • Optimization of mobile applications will be more significant. Consumers are spending more time now on their mobile devices including tablets. As millennials and the Gen-Z gen continue to buy more products online, mobile-device optimized experiences need to be better. The global marketer must adapt to this fast-paced, highly connected generation of users.

  • Social media content will dominate other content Social media feeds will be more effective than other content in 2022. For one thing, it can reach more audiences and stay longer when published on a social media platform. In a survey made, 44% of marketers plan to increase investments in permanent social media content in 2022.

  • Companies will be more conscious of their social responsibility. Social responsibility, transparency, and ethics matter to the consumer these days. As the pandemic happened, it showed the world the difficulties of workers and how some had to endure being laid-off or having shorter work hours. It is observed that customers would easily support a business that showed care for the customers, workers, and their issues. Many companies will tune themselves by inclusive promotions and offerings while highlighting missions or causes they support.

  • Experiential marketing could make a comeback Experiential marketing campaigns allow consumers to step up to an experience that is often in a physical place through the AR/VR platform. The only pitfall of this campaign would be the expense of the technologies involved. As the pandemic is slowly ebbing, many businesses are considering utilizing the platform for marketing efforts.

  • SEO will be used more to gain more traffic. As global marketers, we would like to ensure that the websites are visible in all search engines. While SEO is still a new marketing tactic, it has now become embedded in modern-day marketing strategies. Search optimization opportunities will eventually grow as SEO is used more and more for traffic insights.

  • Virtual events will continue. In 2022, we will be seeing a lot of hybrid marketing strategies that will allow audiences to embrace virtual events and conferences as well as physical opportunities.

  • Consumers will hear more audio brand content Audio content like podcasts is gaining popularity and this will continue to grow in 2022. Audio content engages and creates brand awareness and is deemed effective by most marketers. Businesses now invest in audio chat rooms like Twitter, Spaces, or Clubhouse.

  • Inbound marketing will be the best tactic for growing brands. The shift that the pandemic has made from person to person to hybrid WFH scenario has made inbound marketing become an effective tactic in marketing. Inbound marketing can be valuable in brand awareness and can build trust digitally through refocusing strategy to drive customers to your content.

The above trends may just be the tip of the iceberg as more and more changes are evolving in the marketing industry. One should not be overwhelmed by them and should use what is most effective to the business. These marketing trends in 2022 will only be a guide to those who want to take their business to the next level in the coming year.