June 30, 2022

A digital marketing framework is a document that provides a roadmap of the marketing process. This document would show every critical requirement that should not be missed in the marketing campaign process.

There are many digital marketing frameworks from communications to strategic planning. Some are integrated and others target a specific aspect of the business. When making a digital marketing plan, the business owner must know precisely the needs and priorities. With these in mind, it would then be easier to come up with a model.  But to assist business owners to create a digital marketing plan, here are some marketing models that can assist in the creation of a framework:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of making use of organic placements on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is done through specific keywords that assist in traffic generation.

In SEM, keywords take on a very important part and must match up with what people are searching for. Marketers need to research on historical data and use tools that can let them capture what the audience are looking for.

There are other factors to make SEM work for marketers:

  • Site architecture must be well organized and clear to crawl for search engines.
  • The inbound links must be of good quality and quantity
  • Page titles, meta descriptions, etc, must be complete and clear

All these factors make the search engines understand what a page is all about and allows indexing and ranking to follow.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a form of online advertising wherein payment is made every time an ad is clicked. The goal is to get as many to click on the ad through targeting specific demographic interests. This type of model does need research and other data tools to capture specific target groups.

This model is rather expensive but some marketers have been successful in their campaigns amd has placed their business in front of many others. A strong offer and landing page is needed to make this model work.

Social Media Marketing

This model is now being used by many businesses to market their services or products. The social media platforms now have options for marketers to promote and even sell products. 

The social media platform plays on similar interests and the network of connections that has been huilt. This allows people to see product or service posts including images through newsfeeds.  The marketer must know how to craft the posts and have a social media plan.

Content Marketing

This model allows businesses to publish content on their website through blog posts or other media channels.  The purpose is to bring awareness to the brand and gain authority to show customers that their product is of quality. By publication of content, a business can showcase the brand and show their credibility to potential customers. Other forms of content are guides, whitepapers and infographics.

Email Marketing

This is not a new strategy but it has proven to be important for businesses to promote and send links to potential customers to their product or service page. This model establishes relationships with customers because it appears to be personalized and targeted.  Prospective clients can get to know the brand as well.

There are different forms of email marketing:

Mobile Campaigns

More and more people use their mobile devices to search for products and services.  Businesses must include mobiles in the marketing strategy and have ad campaigns in these channels.

The most common form is the display ad. The ad is displayed the moment a potential client goes online. This is an effective way to get conversions and promote the brand. Marketers do have to be careful when doing this form of ads and not to overdo the display.

A digital marketing framework is an important factor in any digital marketing plan but it is not everything. The frameworks outlined above should be able to assist marketers understand and think about the target audience and what is the best digital marketing framework to use. Once this is determined, it would be easy to go into the specifics of the marketing plan.