June 20, 2022

Choosing a web design company may not be easy as it seems. There are thousands that would be offering their service. Web design companies submit proposals and portfolios but still the business owner has to resort to a criteria to choose the best one suited to the requirements.

Without basic knowledge on web design, the business owner may base the decision on factors that might not be right. A wrong decision on which web design company can be detrimental to what a website hopes to achieve and has an impact on business goals.

Below is a simple guide to assist the business owner on how to choose a web design partner

1. Set a budget for the website.

Before looking for a website design company, the business owner need to establish the budget for the project. The budget can be unlimited or within a certain amount range. Flexibility is needed when it comes to this budget.

Web design companies will ask for the budget and work within the budget range. They will include development service fees and incidental expenses that are required to generate a good website.  The business owner must be keen on these incidental expense and ask questions about it before making a final decision.

2, Find out about service charges and other expenses

A web development fee would be the main service but certain fees are sometimes added to the fee. The fee must include the web design and a number of proposals for the owner to choose from.

Domain and hosting fees are added if the owner cannot take care of this requirement. Other charges may include site maintenance fees and redesign charges should the proposed ones are not acceptable.

The charges must be included in the proposal along with development schedules.

3. Do research on past clients and projects

Established web design companies will have a list of projects presented on their website.  Business owner must make time to go over the websites and evaluate if the business can have 

The business owner can also inquire from former clients about the company and get their feedback. It would be advantageous to know more about how the web design company handles clients and their professionalism including how they meet the deadlines.

Also observe the client retention rate and if the previous clients are satisfied with the service that they remain with them with them.  This is an ace factor in choosing a web design company.

4.  Ask about how the web design company handles projects

One of the things to establish when working with a partner is to have a specific person assigned to the web development project.  This is normally a project manager who is the liaison between the client and the design team.  The reason for this set up is to streamline and simplify the process – the client only talks to one person who then relays discussions to the team.

Other companies have CRMs or other forms of project management tools for clients’ to monitor project progress and address issues during the development process.  Documentation is vital for such projects and a design company that takes this for granted is definitely one that owners should not even consider.

5. FInd out more about the web design proposal like number of designs to choose from and re-design options.

Web design companies will provide a number of studies together with the proposal.  The business owner must ask about these studies and the options for re-design after final one.   Costs may also be discussed.

6. Read the fine print on proposals

Be careful to read the fine print on web design proposals.  Some costs are hidden on this fine print, Ask for clarifications and amendments if they are not favorable to the business. 

Now, choose the web design company that suits the business

With the above guide, a business owner can make a decision on which web design company to partner. If there are any unclear matter about a proposal, ask the company. A good web design company will never provide vague answers,